Louise Jordan

Thank you Louise for your very interesting contribution to our blog – sounds great and we’re all looking forward to seeing you! Please note that full details of times and dates of Louise’s performances are in the new programme which has just come out and is available to download from our website, or by post, or in person from Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre, No 11 shop in Victoria Road,  The Royal Castle Hotel on the Quay, and Pillars Newsagents in Lower Street. Now, please read on…

This summer is set to be very busy indeed so I am looking forward to taking a break in May for the Dartmouth Festival, definitely a personal highlight of my festival season this year. I really enjoy visiting the South West coast – the last time I was in town was to rest and recuperate after my winter tour last December 2011 so it’s just about time I paid Dartmouth another visit.
My unofficial roadie, a military historian, tells me that Bayards Cove (where one of my performances takes place) has a number of well angled embrasures with a good field of fire. He also informs me that Browns Hotel, where I will also be playing, stocks locally sourced fish and meat. I have heard Dartmouth Castle is also really rather splendid. So I’ll be advertising for a new roadie for the weekend I suppose, as mine will no doubt be AWOL.
The job description requires the ability to know what I am thinking at any given time (no-one has managed it yet), organisational skills second to none and a total disinterest in drinking beer at a folk festival. An inbuilt compass would also be an advantage (I taught my fair share of subjects during my short-lived career as a teacher, although geography was not one). Anyone?!
It would be good to see you at one of my performances during the festival. With so many fantastic acts to see you will surely have some difficult choices to make. If you are able to come along to either of my festival performances, please do come and say hello and have a chat.
See you on the 12th May.