Poet Kevin Pyne on Music…

Our sincere thanks to local poet Kevin Pyne for his beautiful poem, which we feel really sums up the harmonious atmosphere of Dartmouth during the Dart Music Festival weekend.
Make for me good music

Down by the sea

In the market and inns

And where the churches be

Play for me a rock song

Pick out and strum

The chords of a gentle lullaby

As I thumb the pages of

My little yellow book

And the boats sail by

The clarity of choirs

The richness of violins

The raunchiness of a saxophone

The inspiration of the piano

Are all so worthy of being

Listened to and indeed loving

And may we all sit gently

As the songs are sung

In a world where there

Is much musical talent and all

Is at peace for every one? 

Happy people in Royal Avenue Gardens – Photo Joe Murtagh Photography
We hope you enjoy the Festival Kevin – keep on writing..!

15th, 16th & 17th May 2015