Progress again….

So just worked out there are only 3 more committee meetings before the 2011 Dart Music Festival……! Quite scary then.

Just been looking at the new draft 2011 website put together by those guys. Looks really good. Should be up and running next week hopefully, keep watching.

Our new Facebook page is up to 300 friends now which is great. If you want to support us please become a friend. Just find our page at: Dart Musicfest. Facebook only allow 5000 friends so you better be quick!

Well I haven’t got the spanner, have you got the spanner?

 Just think it will soon be sunny and warm and the sound of scaffolders in the Royal Avenue Gardens will herald the building of the stage once more. Question: why do the scaffold poles get shorter every year?

Danielli  DMF 2005 window display

 We were wondering about having a proper window display competition for a prize this year. What do you think?