Quiz Night Fundraiser – Wednesday 6th March 2019

The second fundraiser for this year’s Festival in less than a week had almost 70 people scratching their heads in order to answer musical questions from the 60’s to present day.

Held at Platform 1, 13 teams answered 100 questions starting with ‘which band was made up for Mike Hugg, Dave Richmond, Paul Jones, Mike Vickers and Graham Bond?’ right the way through to ‘who links Nirvana and the Foo Fighters?’ * Answers will be provided at the end.

Quizmasters and Committee members Emilie Heard and Simon Geen came up with enough questions to baffle the assembled teams, resulting in some interesting – if totally wrong – answers. In the musicals round, we heard a snippet from Oliver which was identified as Dad’s Army – The Musical. And in response to ‘which city and slang term for the police was a hit for David Grey?’ where the correct reply would have been Babylon, one team put ‘rozzers’!

There were some fantastic raffle prizes donated by local businesses including Platform 1, The Royal Castle Hotel, the Dartmouth Arms, Dart Marina Hotel, Bayards Cove Hotel and The Dolphin. All funds raised from this event will be put back into the Festival to ensure we are able to continue it being free for all.

Definitely worth repeating for next year’s Festival!

* Answers to the questions: the band is Manfred Mann and the link between the two bands is David Eric Grohl.