Rae – performing at Dart Music Festival

One familiar trait of music is to embed itself in the memory of its listener. When recalling sound in your ‘Mind’s Ear’, it manifests as a curiously deep and ethereal incarnation of what you originally heard.  

The music of Rae seems to present itself in this form from the first listen. It’s incredibly rare to find a band that have mastered the principle of tension and release with such subtlety and mesmerising melodic control….

Photo credit: Tilly May
As a group, Rae are impossible to pigeonhole…
A bubbling, expressive rhythm section with jazz sensibilities that also have enough weight to lay the foundation for one of the most beautiful, powerful and moving voices you are ever likely to hear. Supported by saxophone, warm electric guitar, bass and drums they create a rich tapestry into which is woven their vivid and imaginative songwriting.

Well established in their native West Country, their captivating live sets have also made them a regular feature on the British festival circuit.

Their 1st album ‘Era’ was released in 2011 and their 2nd album ‘Awoken’ was crowd funded with an Indiegogo campaign and is set to be released in October 2014. (Date TBA very soon)

 “You’ll find yourself wanting more of this”- Steve Wright, Venue Magazine

Lead by the incredible vocals of Leonie Evans, Rae are an ethereal fusion of jazz, avante-garde, blues and all that is other-worldly yet quite simply stunning.” – Smugglers Records

Find out more about Rae here: http://www.raemusic.co.uk/

And listen to them here: http://www.raemusic.co.uk/#!music/c10tw

15th, 16th & 17th May 2015