The 2018 Dart Music Festival brings you music for all….and rubbish for none!

In these enlightened times, environmentalism is a watchword close to the hearts of many people – including the Dart Music Festival team.  We have been putting our heads together to find a way of solving one of the most irritating and unnecessary of problems encountered during the Music Festival weekend – litter!

We have hit upon a couple of innovative solutions that should not only drastically reduce the amount of litter created by the three-day event but will also prevent what rubbish there is from going into landfill.  ‘But how is this possible?’ we hear you cry.

Well, with two simple, and very exciting initiatives.

The first step is to reduce the high level of refuse that can be created by thousands of revellers enjoying fantastic music.  We are tackling this with the introduction of branded collectable, and most importantly REUSABLE plastic glasses.  Each plastic pint glass will be branded with the Dart Music Festival logo, and can be kept and re-used throughout the event, and then taken home afterwards as a memento of your revelries.  You will even be able to purchase a lanyard for your glass so that when you are not using it you can simply carry it with ease until you next need to fill it up.  This initiative has received near universal approval from the pubs in the town, and so revellers will be able to procure one from all participating businesses, as well as from the DMF Merchandise tent, for an extremely reasonable £1 deposit.  If you don’t wish to keep your fabulous souvenir glass, simply return it to one of the pubs and they will return your deposit!  It really couldn’t be simpler!

We strongly believe that this will help the Dart Music Festival drastically reduce the amount of litter left behind long after the last notes fade away……

For what IS left behind, we have joined in partnership with the pioneering people of Devon Contract Waste.  Their remarkable new enterprise reduces the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill to zero.  Yes, you read that correctly – ZERO!  Here is how it works:

All waste is collected together, which reduces the sorting required from the customer and minimises the number of vehicle journeys needed to make collections.  For every bin emptied, around 3.04kg of CO2 is emitted, so collecting waste in a single bin rather than separating it into different containers also reduces CO2 emissions.  All waste is sorted for recycling – separating out materials for onward processing.   Any waste that can’t be recycled is then sent to Energy from Waste where waste is incinerated, and the energy recovered is used to generate power.  Nothing goes to landfill.  Zero to Landfill is a sustainable solution to waste management which provides materials to the manufacturing industry and creates jobs at all stages of the processing journey. It also saves resources and energy, reduces the Southwest’s carbon footprint, and promotes a sustainable business community.

We think you’ll agree that these are two massive steps in the right direction and hope that you will support them.