Rodney Branigan

Ever seen someone play 2 guitars at once? Rodney Branigan can play two better than most can play one! US born Rodney Branigan relocated to the UK after learning his craft across the pond and has since been stunning audiences around the world with his jaw dropping guitar skills and delightful song writing ability. Often compared to Jeff Buckley!

Described as one of the most amazing artists you will ever see, not simply because he is unique, but rather because he is impossibly talented, his appearance at the Dart Music Festival is sandwiched between the Splashy Fen Festival in South Africa and GiN Fest in Newport, Shropshire!

A passion for musical diversity has seen Rodney travel the world with his own, inimitable style of musicianship. Having toured his native America coast-to-coast, Rodney’s desire to share his fusion of organic, progressive folk with undertones of rock, flamenco, classical, bluegrass and jazz have seen him place in China, France, Germany and Switzerland. He also undertakes an annual tour of India, playing not only in the Himalayas but also supporting the country’s biggest rock band, Pentagram.

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