The Lost Sound – Dart Music Festival update

Just received – post festival update on The Lost Sound from Sandra Smith:

The Lost Sound
The Lost Sound had a wonderful Festival concert with an exceptionally warm welcome from the organisers and the audience. 
It’s not often our conductor Sandra is given an honorary title of ‘a singing missionary’.  
The whole concert was special for us – the church was stunning to perform in – really intimate, with fantastic natural acoustics for unamplified voices. (We like to sing ‘au naturel’ as much as possible.) Sometimes in a concert, a rather special alchemy happens and this was one of those times. We had rehearsed really well and on the night the ‘magic’ of performance took us over and the songs felt that they came alive on a different level. In our final song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, even our conductor had a tear!
It has to be said that the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of the Dart Music Festival, (the bit the audience don’t see!) is really excellent. It is a very well-run programme of events and the team are friendly and kind. This goes a long way to making performers feel welcome and ready to produce their best. So a big thank-you to the festival team!
We’ve had very positive feedback, requests to join our choir and future bookings for the autumn term from that night.  On the strength of it, we’ve now got charity concerts lined up in October, Torbay event performances, and an invitation to sing with the 1000 voices at Christmas at Exeter cathedral.  
Join our facebook page, ‘The Lost Sound Chorus’, to come and see us sing next term.
Catch The Lost Sound busking at Teignmouth folk fest from 4pm, 23rd June
( weather permitting!)