Troy Faid at Dart Music Festival

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Originally hailing from Lincolnshire, Troy Faid now travels and performs regularly throughout the UK.
His instrumental stylings blend World Music, Jazz, Folk, Blues and much in between.
Together with an earlyold voice, this communicates a desirous music – appreciated by many and influenced by a myriad of musicians and thinkers: from Billy Bragg to John Fahey… Terrence Mckenna to Erich Fromm…

2014 sees Troy releasing a masterful third album on the 9th May on the ‘Gin House Records’ record label collective, and taking to the road with a new band – lifting the music greatly, creating a virtuosic and unique live sound. See more at:
See below a small selection of impressive reviews on Troy’s work:

“For me, Troy’s music is English songwriting performed with the highest integrity with no trace of ego or ‘look at me’ exhibitionism. Folk clubbers, owners, festival bookers, roots labels and distributers pay attention – give this man he attention he deserve! You will find more of his outstanding work at “
-Tom Robinson – BBC6 Music

“The fingerstyle guitar work is mesmerizing and Faid’s pained-with-knowledge-of-the-world voice is sturdy, sinuous, and raw, an instrument that cannot help but affect the listener.  Nor will the lyrics disappoint, miniature philosophically existential paeans to various of life’s trials and tribulations, statements meant to extend the thought process, not quench it. This is one talented cat, and if he doesn’t get the saucer of cream, that alone will be sadly indicative of just how far down the ladder culture has slipped abroad and here”

” ‘Solus’ is a brilliant album…Troy Faid has the ability to blend the traditional and the modern with startlingly proficient effect.” – The Leeds Scenester

“Anyone with an ear for earthy, passionately executed singer-songwriter folk & acoustic blues, ranging from Drake to Jansch, Benjamin Wetherill to Charlie Parr should cock an ear towards this prodigious talent!“ – Norman Records

“On the cinema stage his introverted presence changes dramatically once his guitar begins to ring out around the room, and through every intricately detailed song his mannerisms became more relaxed. It’s rare to enjoy somebody’s performance as equally as the songs they play, but it’s also rare to see somebody play so intently merely because they enjoy doing it so much” – – No Title Magazine

“Hi Yee all – hope you’re all fine and good… If you’re interested and can spare 5 minutes, please do click the link below to take a look at the new video of one of the tracks from the new album. The song is ‘Double Speak’. Album will be out on the 9th May, available from the website and from all online digital outlets.
Hope you enjoy x 
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 16th, 17th & 18th May 2014