We hope you enjoyed Dart Music Festival

Well, two weeks after the Festival and the Committee is just about back to normal after a brilliantly successful event – we were all pretty worn out afterwards after the nine months planning and three days hard labour (yes, I think it can be equated with giving birth…) but the buzz around town this last fortnight has been amazing and so gratifying that it makes it all worth it. I couldn’t even nip out for a loaf of bread without people stopping me and saying what a great time they had – in fact they still do. We’re proud to be involved with it – at the end of the day it’s really all about the music and to see so many happy smiling people enjoying themselves over the weekend in our lovely town – well, words (almost) fail me…!
Dartmouth Guildhall – aaaahh…
My husband Alan (Vice Chairman) and I were responsible for running the Guildhall which once again proved to be a very popular venue. The Old Girl may be getting on a bit, but she does scrub up rather well, bless her. We didn’t get out to see as many other performances as we’d have liked to but had some fantastic acts at the Hall.

We kicked off on Friday with talented young local band Carbon Chemistry who were excellent. Thanks to them all for the great performance – what a brilliant start!

Electric Swing Circus

They were followed by Electric Swing Circus, who really wowed the crowd with their performance. Here is what the lovely people from the band have to say:

“Well, Dartmouth was totally different to anything we had ever played before… when we started seeing people sitting in rows of chairs  honestly it was a bit daunting – we play dance music and had never played to a seated audience before!  

What we loved was that as soon as we started people got really into it. No matter how old or young they were (we had both extremes in there) everyone was enjoying it – singing, clapping along, and then people got up to dance.  The highlight of the Festival has got to be during Jungle Jam when  we had an elderly chap do the ‘Egyptian’ from one side of the dance floor to the other!  What more can you ask for in a audience, these guys were great – and we would love to come back next year… 

Thanks again, you guys were fantastic and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!”
No, thank YOU Tom and the Gang for a brilliant night – we look forward to doing it all again next year…
I’ll be back with more post-Festival reports as soon as – watch this space.