Who needs Glastonbury..??

And talking of the DMF Programme, here are a few words from Programme Compiler Emilie:
“At the start of Glastonbury weekend we print out the schedule and start planning a marathon music watching weekend. We even go as far as getting colour coded highlighters so we can rank the must-sees! (Ahem). 
But here is something interesting that leapt off the pages at us this year:
Of the acts on the six main stages at Glastonbury there were a surprising number that we had already seen……for FREE…..at the Dart Music Festival!!!
Ben Poole, Moulettes, The Electric Swing Circus, Seth Lakeman and Charles Hazelwood – to name but a few – are the ones that leapt off the page at us. 
Obviously and without doubt, DMF Bookers Supreme – James & Hil – would spot others we have just forgotten we saw! 
And this is just the big six stages – you can bet your bottom dollar other DMF performers will turn up at the hundreds of smaller venues around the site.
Charles Hazelwood

So there you go…
Save yourself the £200 odd quid and visit the Dart Music Festival next year…
…and if you give them even a quarter of that figure you will get to see top music and keep this incredible – and free – celebration of music going! 
And no mud in sight!!!!”
Thanks Emilie – food for thought..? 
2016 Dart Music Festival dates 13th, 14th & 15th May – see you there!