Words of praise for Dart Music Festival from Poet Kevin Pyne

Local Poet Kevin Pyne loves the Dart Music Festival – so much so that he has been moved to pen these words of praise for the event.

Poet Kevin Pyne

We thank him for his kind words and his continued support – enjoy the Festival Kevin!


Rock around the streets

Or blow your socks away

With a little swing

As you do your thing

Down at the RAGs when

The big bands start to play


Pick a bit of country or go

Acoustic by the sea

Or stick your finger

In your ear and sing along

To old and long foretold

Sea shanties


Go classical in St Saviours

Or listen as the choirs sing

For is not that chancellery

The best place ever to sit in

Peace and listen to such things


Be enchanted at the Flavel

Or rock and rolled across

The old market place

When the bands strike up

And electrify what will soon

Become “a very funky place”


Listen to a singer songwriter

Bring forth their words

As they then play

And marvel at such talents

Three or four times a day


I thought I saw and angel

When I bought my little

Pocket book

She was leaning over my

Shoulder “asking if it were

Ok to then take a little look”


For more info on Kevin and his poems:

By the Dart Feature: http://www.bythedart.co.uk/living-in-dartmouth/people/kevin-pyne/

Book of poems: http://www.bbc.co.uk/devon/culture/bookshelf/further_up_the_river.shtml



12th, 13th & 14th May 2017