You can be part of the Festival too! Join one of our workshops…

Not only can you enjoy the musical talents of the various performers across the weekend, but you can also enhance your own by coming along to one of our FREE workshops! Everyone is welcome and the sessions will be on a first come, first served basis.

For all budding songwriters, Nick Harper (son of legendary singer Roy Harper) is running a songwriting workshop on Saturday 13th May in the Clifton Room at The Guildhall from midday to 1pm.

Nick is much sought after as a song writing guru and so if you wish to pick up a few hints and tips or are just fascinated by the process of composition, learning from a man dubbed the “Dylan of the ipod generation” is a fabulous place to start.

As well as being acclaimed as one of the finest singer/songwriters of his generation with a brilliant solo career, Nick has also worked with many acts including Squeeze, Lana Del Ray, Newton Faulkner and The Levellers. The son of the great Roy Harper, Nick has been immersed in music since birth and had many musicians as regular visitors to his house including Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Dave Gilmour.

Just open your mouth and sing! Popular local choir leader Vicky Hadland is holding a singing workshop at The Guildhall on Saturday 13th May between 11:00 and 12:00.

Vicky is well known as choirmaster of the choir Devonly Voices and is once again running this extremely popular workshop for people of all ages and abilities. So if you can sing, or can’t sing, or don’t know if you can sing, or wished you could sing, or want to sing better, this is the perfect place to come and have a go.

Come and sing your hearts out with Wild Birds Singing! Holly Ebony & Wild Birds Singing is holding a song sharing and music play session for children and their families at The Flavel on Sunday 14th May between 10:30 and 11:30.

If you would like your youngster to really have a go and get involved in the music bring them along for a great fun time. Material ranges from simple, playful nature inspired child-focused compositions to Global traditional songs and more ambitious multiple part harmony songs. This is an excellent opportunity to sing among friends and stretch your vocal acrobatics!

A fantastic workshop where everyone gets to have a drum. Join the Organic Rhythm Drumming Workshop at The Flavel on Saturday 13th May. This is a fully interactive activity yet extremely accessible and inclusive for all regardless of age, ability and experience. Please come on down and have a bash.

Full details on all workshops can be found in the Music Festival Programme, available for sale at many Dartmouth retailers and online