Soft & Scented

Soft & Scented

We are a small business based in Dartmouth, UK. It started from the love of making Snap Bars for friends and family. In early 2020 Soft & Scented was founded. Bringing long lasting home fragrances at affordable prices that people would love. We now are also selling hand poured candles, Home/Car Diffusers, Room sprays, Carpet Freshners, Oil Burner, Home Decor and so much more with new lines being added.

We started out doing little Markets, then having items in China Blue, Totnes. We have our Home Diffusers in a few holiday homes and hotels such as Leonards Cove in Stoke Fleming, Stoke Lodge Hotel in Stoke Fleming and Villa Marina in Torquay.

In October 2022 we opened a little shop in Dartmouth, where we are opening Monday-Friday.

We currently still do Markets including Christmas ones as we love to interact with our customers.

Looking forward to growing our business.