The DMF Foundation

The Dart Music Festival Foundation

The Dart Music Festival Foundation was set up in 2011 and is a registered charity dedicated to promoting music through study and education within our community.
Music moves us, it inspires us and and can be therapeutically beneficial to all. It is especially important to the Foundation to support our younger demographic in their studies, whether this be through lessons, music therapy or provision of instruments, in order to enable them to be a part of the ongoing success of the Dart Music Festival. 
Music, as a subject, is under threat nationally in our schools and by helping children discover their music potential, we hope to keep the ethos of ‘music for all’ at the heart of Dart Music Festival.
So if you, or someone you know, would benefit and love to learn how to play an instrument, or indeed are interested in any musical related learning, apply for a grant from the Foundation now. It is a simple process and the Foundation are a friendly and welcoming group of people committed to assist wherever we can.  All we ask in return for any applications received is an update on how it has helped and improved the student.  We love to hear how we have helped through the Foundations support given.
You can request an application form by emailing 

Since 2017

Latest to benefit

The 2017 Dart Music Festival was a huge success and the workshops and youth music supported by DMF Foundation are the following:

Dartmouth and District Primary Schools performances
Drumming Circle for 50
Holly Ebony
Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra
Devon Youth Wind Orchestra
Daniel Zinedine Berle
Ollie Biggs
Rhys Hurd
Jaz Gosling